Manipulation. Or is it?

In the sensing world, where the rules of trade govern all, where self-effacing proses are limited to novels and history books, everything factors down to perception. Being "good" doesn’t matter except to your soul. Scholarly abilities only go as far as to provide credibility, their true purpose being lost on the self-declared smart people of the world; unless introduced correctly.

So it comes down to perception. Doesn't matter what you have, only thing that matters is what they think you have.

From the second person point-of-view, this sounds like manipulation. This goes against very core of idealism. If the concept of soul comforts you, then thinking about manipulation should leave you with more than a bad taste.

Unless manipulation is seen as a bridge between personalities. Unless manipulation, in the social interaction context, is synonymous to bartering in the context of trade. Then its only logical to conclude that "manipulation" is essentially the world’s way of dealing with diversity. This is what diplomats call negotiation, parents call teenagers, warriors call battle, consumers call shopping, people call dating, and business folks call dealing.

Manipulation is when the six month old cries, only to have his mother pat him on the back for comfort. Its the way of the human world.


Upon reflection, it strikes me that there must be a better suited word for the concept I present as manipulation. But alas! My vocabulary isn't that expansive.

Be a friend and help me - what is this word?

Note: Randy Pausch, in his famous 'Last Lecture' talk, calls this construct a 'head fake' - presumably referring to the slight of hand attributed to magicians, where the performer points his head one way thus guiding the audience's attention while taking care of business with his unobserved hand.