Rid the Ego

Or more precisely, rid of the ego.

But Why?

Why do people, or at least the idealistic and the naive, want to get rid of this sense of self-importance that is uber important to success in this world? It is very clear that only the confident of men achieve success. Why then, is ego a trademark of a stunted personality?

Intuitively, I can but agree. Reasoning, however, asks for answers grounded in rationality. Reason states that a person too absorbed in self is of no use to this world. Reason concludes that a person in love with self will selfishly use resources while contributing little in return; i.e. a parasite.

But logic, supported by anecdotal evidence, indicates that ego is essentially a must of any man involved in hard work - for his sweat equity is traded for success and his success for ego. Isn't this a good thing? Ego enables the man to lead a life of fulfilment for he has done his share of hard work and he has enjoyed the fruits of his labour. Now there is little to do but relax and reflect on how great he was. To me, this sounds very comfortable - in fact, it sounds like the only way to live life. Work hard, succeed, look back and be proud.

But there comes the breakdown! What of the man's other responsibilities? What about his future successes, what about his duties to his family and to the world?

Once succeeded, the man has the responsibility to better the society and give back to the community that helped him achieve. It is required of him to nourish and teach members of the community. Because, by the virtue of his being, community members look up to a man such as this.

And what of the man's legacy? No proud man will be satisfied by leaving the result of his hard work behind. Consequently, he would have to entrust the society to carry on his legacy. But how is this possible if he thinks not of the society in the first place? Well, this implies that this trait of being egoistical in a man near death is simply not present. And we know children aren't born with unhealthy egos - because the 'good' ones spend most of their late teens trying to be kind, nice, and humble. Now this means ego is an artifact of this world and is only a perceived reality (albeit a very real one!). Thus, to leave an actually fulfilling life where not only is one successful but one also is a deserving beneficiary of people's respect, one must not be vainly proud.

But how?

Simple - stop thinking in terms of I.